Getting ready


Setting the scene for the time before the ceremony is just as important as the ceremony preparations themselves.  Remember, these are the only images from your day where your spouse won't be present.  It ends up being a fun window into the specific activities and in some case beverages, that your other half decided to partake in on the morning of the wedding.  

There are a few things you can do in preparation of this time that will help your photographer highlight you best:

  • Make sure there's lots of natural light, wherever you are.  If your wedding coordinator wants to stick you in a closet in the eves of the church, push back!  If want to keep the curtains closed because you're nervous about being seen by your other half while getting ready on the first floor, consider finding some sheer curtains or something that can let that sunlight shine.  Overhead lighting will do your beautiful faces no justice!
  • Clean up - as much as possible.  A little bit of junk never hurt anyone, especially if it adds to the scene (i.e. mimosa glasses, wrapping paper from bridesmaids gifts, everyone's shoes lined up at the door).  But yes, we could really do without all your food waste, tissues, and underwear lying around.  It will just leave your photos feeling cluttered.
  • Please, whatever you do, don't let anyone let you get ready in a hotel conference room with no windows.  Always opt for renting an extra room if you think you might need the space.  Everyone sharing the same space, jamming to music and pumping you up will surely help the energy of your photos and help you stay distracted so those beautiful candids can shine through.
  • Men - and ladies who don't require much prepping - do something fun!  Sitting around in front of a TV with some beers will look just like any other day, and will feel just like any other day.  This day is special for a reason!  Do something different (preferably outdoors if you ask me) and you'll be adding on a fun photo session with your best friends that's built right into your wedding day.  It's more fun for us, too. 
Lindsay Heald