The ceremony


This is obviously what everyone came to see, but there are a few things you should check on before you say I Do.

  • News flash: the ceremony isn't just about you!  Make sure the most important people in your life, (or perhaps even those who helped pay for the wedding) the ones you want captured in photos, are sitting up front.  You want your photographer to be able to capture their reactions without anyone else in the way, and that is the best way to ensure that happens.
  • Think about where the sun will be at the height of your vows.  Some of the most beautiful light is also the trickiest.  And you don't want the sun to be setting right down the middle of you and your spouse as you're saying "I Do."  That occurrence makes for an awkward scenario where you are in sun and they are in shade, not the most flattering way to be photographed.
  • React naturally, as much as possible.  You want to feel like you and so if you would cry normally, don't shy away from that just because you think it won't look good in photos.  Whatever you do will look good in photos because it will be your natural reaction - and that is the most beautiful thing to be captured.
Lindsay Heald