The reception


This is where some of the best images of the day come from, so here are some tips to help make sure you're happy with them.

There are two very specific kind of photos that come out of a reception - the crazy fun and the sweet sentimental.  There are steps you can take that will help both of these moments translate clearly.

  • Dance!  Seriously, that's all you have to do.  It's understandable that you would want to use the reception time to make the rounds and say hello and thank you to everyone who came.  But honestly, start the night out with dancing and communicate your photographer about what they were able to capture.  Then keep. coming. back.  The dance floor is your friend!
  • Your toasters - have them come up to the microphone and stand right next to you.  The ultimate photo of a toast being given is the toaster being expressive right next to the toastees reacting appropriately.  If these parties are 10+ feet away, it becomes extremely difficult to fit everyone into the same frame, therefore visually disconnecting the actions from each other in your final image gallery.
  • Lighting!  String lighting is awesome.  Bright lighting is bad.  You want people to dance, right?  Then make sure you turn the lights down and don't worry about the photographer.  A good photographer will have brought the right equipment and could make beautiful images in a pitch dark room.  I would still suggest a bit of ambient light, candles of course, and string lights are best - they create those warm bubbles around everyone when you see dark dancing images in your final gallery and it's a real mood-setter.
Lindsay Heald