my style


I shoot it all...

I shoot the first kiss, the procession, the recession, the cake cutting and first dances, too.  I shoot the parent reactions, the flower girl's hair and the groomsmen's gifts also.  These, plus many other moments, are the expected actions that happen at every wedding and of course should be photographed.

But what are the moments you remember?  Those one-of-a-kind photographs are what I'm hunting for all day long.  

In the case of J+C (pictured here) I knew I already had a great posed portrait of some killer ladies in cowboy boots on a motorcycle.  I knew I would capture them flying away later.  But what I really hoped for and waited around to capture was that in-between moment of them adding spandex shorts to their outfit so no oncoming traffic would catch a peek up-skirt.  The day flies by so quickly that in 10, 20 years would they even remember that they stopped to change into spandex?  The end result is perhaps not something you would hang on your wall everyday, but certainly a photo to look back and laugh about.